This could be big!…er…small!


A University of Alberta research team has combined two fields of study in nanotechnology to create a third field that the researchers believe will lead to revolutionary advances in computer electronics, among many other areas.

Dr. Abdulhakem Elezzabi and his colleagues have applied plasmonics principles to spintronics technology and created a novel way to control the quantum state of an electron’s spin. The new technology, which the researchers call spinplasmonics, may be used to create incredibly efficient electron spin-based photonic devices, which in turn may be used to build, for example, computers with extraordinary capacities.

Ho-hum. Another day, another possibly world-chaning scientific breakthrough. Is that the Singularity I see in the middle distance?

I’m not sure about the name, though. Sounds like a blood centrifuge…or maybe the study of why people (me, for instance) throw up on midway rides.

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