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Tag: Singularity

The top ten transhumanist technologies

Here’s an interesting list of the top ten transhumanist technologies. The introduction (in case you’ve never heard of transhumanism): Transhumanists advocate the improvement of human capacities through advanced technology. Not just technology as in gadgets you get from Best Buy, but technology in the grander sense of strategies for eliminating disease, providing cheap but high-quality …

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This could be big!…er…small!

Spintronics+plasmonics=spinplasmonics: A University of Alberta research team has combined two fields of study in nanotechnology to create a third field that the researchers believe will lead to revolutionary advances in computer electronics, among many other areas. Dr. Abdulhakem Elezzabi and his colleagues have applied plasmonics principles to spintronics technology and created a novel way to …

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What does the future hold?

No one knows. But science fiction writer David Brin does an excellent job of summing up the possibilities in “Singularities and Nightmares: Extremes of Optimism and Pessimism about the Human Future.” It’s a long read, but well worth it. (Via Instapundit.)

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