The Heinlein Centennial…

…is upon us!

The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert A. Heinlein takes place in Kansas City this weekend. You can find out all about it here.

It’s certainly got an impressive guest list:

  • NASA Administrator Dr. Michael Griffin
  • Spider Robinson, co-author (with Robert Heinlein) of Variable Star and much more
  • Sir Arthur C. Clarke, joining us via video
  • X Prize Founder Dr. Peter Diamandis
  • X Prize pilot Brian Binnie
    Jeanne Robinson will update us on her
    Stardance zero-gee dance film
  • Astrophysicist, author & Heinlein associate Yoji Kondo will be presenting the Heinlein Award
  • Dr. Martine Rothblatt, founder of Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Author, gadfly and filmmaker J. Neil Schulman – and we’ll be screening his new film Lady Magdalene’s right after the Gala!
  • Hugo nominee John Scalzi
  • The man who folded himself, David Gerrold
  • Science fiction’s newest Grand Master Nebula Award winner, James E. Gunn
  • Science Fiction Writer’s Association President (and our Master of Ceremonies) Robin Wayne Bailey
  • Writer and editor Ben Bova

Plus a few groups of interest:

  • The Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) will be holding its Annual Meeting with us
  • The Campbell Conference & Awards (headed by James Gunn) are along for the ride
  • The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) will be bringing us two of their live Heinlein audio productions

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