A good year for Ransome fans!

That would be Arthur Ransome, author of the Swallows and Amazons series, one of the greatest writers of children’s books ever, and a personal favorite of mine from a very young age (I saved up my allowance and ordered the entire 12-book series, one a month, all the way from Jonathan Cape in England, when I was about 12; they have a place of honour on my office bookshelves and I’m looking forward to reading them to my daughter very soon).

And why is this a good year? Because:

Arthur Ransome fans have two theatrical performances, a film and possibly two exhibitions to look forward to over the next two years.

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall will host a Ransome Exhibition from 3 May to 11 July, featuring Nancy Blackett, the Hillyard once owned by the author and immortalised in the novel We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea, and at least one of his dinghies.

Ipswich-based touring company Eastern Angles is preparing a dramatised version of We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea for July.

Film rights for Swallows and Amazons have now been agreed by Harbour Pictures and the BBC, with options on the other 11 books in the series. Filming is due to begin next year in the Lake District.

The National Theatre musical adaptation of Swallows and Amazons so far has no production date…

Always nice to know you weren’t completely crazy to love the stuff you did when you were a kid.

Swallows and Amazons for ever!

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