Never talk about religion or politics

At a dinner party in Litchfield, Conn., Publisher’s Weekly reports:

As entrées were being enjoyed, a McCain supporter and an Obama supporter, having exhausted their verbal arguments, lunged at each other with fists flying. Eventually the kitchen staff came to the rescue and separated the two men, but not before some blood was shed and the well-heeled guests were shaken up. After a cooling down period, the rambunctious guests returned to the table (with revised seat assignments) and ate dessert.

The punchline? The dinner party was in honour of Annaliese Soros (first wife of financier George Soros), and her contributor, Abigail Stokes, authors of Dinner Party Disasters: True Stories of Culinary Catastrophe, which

promises to guide readers “through the faux pas that other hostesses have made so that you don’t make the same mistakes.” It contains instructions for putting together the “perfect mix of guests, food, décor, entertainment, and preparation, ensuring your next gathering will be a rousing success.”

As Publisher’s Weekly notes wryly, “It is unclear whether or not the party’s hosts had read the book prior to the event.”

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