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The Cityborn is out! Reviews, interviews, and more…

The Cityborn, my eighth novel for DAW Books (though only the fourth under my own name) officially released on July 4. All of the United States celebrated with fireworks, which was nice. This is an ongoing post that I'll update as new things appear online. It's been getting some nice attention! It made Inverse Entertainment's list of "7 Essential Science Fiction Books for July 2017" and Barnes & Noble's list of "The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of July 2017." I wrote a "Big Idea" for John Scalzi's popular blog WhateverYou can read it here. John has generously provided these guest spots for many years for authors to ...

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Publishers Weekly reviews The Cityborn…”will entertain SF adventure fans”

Another review has bubbled up, although the release of The Cityborn is still more than a month away. This time it's from Publishers Weekly: "Willett (the Helix War series) wraps his capable new adult science fiction adventure around the fate of a mysterious many-tiered city and its inhabitants...Willett’s spunky protagonists and colorful world will entertain SF adventure fans." Entertainment is what this book is all about, and the common thread running through all the reviews--people seem to be finding it a fun read. I'm sure you will, too. :) Now I'm looking forward to receiving my authors' copies and actually seeing the book in the dead-tree flesh..could be any day.

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Magebane gets starred review in Publishers Weekly!

Talk about a pleasant surprise. I fired up the iPad briefly before my concert at WorldCon in Reno today (I sang the Donald Swann-composed cycle of songs from Tolkien, called The Road Goes Ever On) and discovered the first review I've yet seen of my upcoming Lee Arthur Chane fantasy novel Magebane: but it's not just any review: it's a starred review in Publishers Weekly! Some highlights: Chane makes a splash with this spectacular epic-feeling stand-alone fantasy debut...Double and triple crosses, fast-paced action, and powerful moral conviction will have readers hanging on every word. Read the whole thing! Made my day, that's for sure!

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Terra Insegura shows up in Publisher’s Weekly

No, not a starred review, more's the pity, but just a mention in a long list of books coming out this spring. I got a chuckle out of the description, though:Terra Insegura (May, $7.99) by Edward Willett. Thispost-Apocalyptic series tells of an Earth ruled by religious zealots and a distant world that is humankind’s last, best hope.Last, best hope...last, best hope...that reminds me of something...

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Never talk about religion or politics

At a dinner party in Litchfield, Conn., Publisher's Weekly reports:As entrées were being enjoyed, a McCain supporter and an Obama supporter, having exhausted their verbal arguments, lunged at each other with fists flying. Eventually the kitchen staff came to the rescue and separated the two men, but not before some blood was shed and the well-heeled guests were shaken up. After a cooling down period, the rambunctious guests returned to the table (with revised seat assignments) and ate dessert.The punchline? The dinner party was in honour of Annaliese Soros (first wife of financier George Soros), and her contributor, Abigail Stokes, authors of Dinner Party Disasters: True Stories of Culinary Catastrophe, whichpromises to ...

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Marseguro description in Publisher’s Weekly

Dug up on the Web: a description of Marseguro from the August 6 Publisher's Weekly:Marseguro (Jan., $7.99) by Edward Willett. After a worldwide disaster, a fanatical religious theocracy takes over the planet.Well, yes, but that's not really what the story is about. In fact, that's really the backstory. What happens is...Well, you'll see.

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