A nice five-star Amazon review of Marseguro

Just spotted a nice five-star Amazon review of Marseguro from a reader in New York who goes by the catchy handle of lb136:

Marseguro, a colonized planet inhabited by normal humans and Selkies–genetically modified by a scientist named Victor Hansen–would seem defenseless when the theocratic earth government (The Body) sends (with Hansen’s grandson Richard as part of the force) a military expedition to capture, sterilize, and enslave the Selkies–considered an “abomination” by the earth totalitarians.

Obviously, you know that the Selkies and their unmodified coinhabitants of the planet aren’t as defenseless as they seem (else there would be no book), so the suspense in this thrilling tale with multiple povs and intriguing characters comes from learning exactly how they’ll accomplish this and what will happen next. The response is swift, and then things really get interesting but never sentimental–atypical for novels that have as one of their themes “what it means to be human.”

The principal characters–Emily the Selkie (that’s her on the front cover) and Richard Hansen–are complicated enough to seem real, and you’ll probably believe in them. The supporting cast are well done, too. And the action sequences–especially a chase across the water with a killer robot in pursuit (that’s it on the back cover) should thrill you.

The novel’s complete in itself, but there’s room for a sequel.

It’s always nice to get a snapshot of new reader’s response to the book.

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