Photos of the Day: Birds, Badlands, Bridge, Bed & Breakfast

A few photos from our trip south to the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver (which gets started today: much more to follow!)

First: turkey buzzards roosting on a radio tower in Makoshika State Park, just outside Glendive, Montana, waiting for some poor tourist from Saskatchewan to drop dead…

Next: the badlands of the aforementioned state park, the largest in Montana.

Here’s the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Glendive, Charley Montana, located in a historic old house. We highly recommend it!

Finally, the Bell Street Bridge over the Yellowstone River in Glendive.

Watch this space for more (although, annoyingly, my digital SLR has developed a problem which may mean I’m reduced to using my smaller digital camera for the rest of the trip…grrr…)

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