My review of Saturday’s Regina Symphony Orchestra concert…

…,Big Bands to Broadway, is in today’s Regina LeaderPost. An excerpt:

Leora Joy Godden, Mark Oddan, Jeffrey Pufahl, Kaitlyn Semple, and Tahirih Vejdani sang a selection of current and past Broadway hits, interspersed in the first act with numbers by the RSO Big Band. Accompanying the singers were the full orchestra and, sometimes, the Halcyon Chamber Choir, directed by Hart Godden (who also arranged many of the pieces and assisted with the staging).

Godden, Semple and Vejdani, the “Andrews Sisters” in last fall’s RSO Remembrance Day concert, once again demonstrated pitch-perfect blend and sharp, clear diction. Throw in Pufahl’s rich baritone and Oddan’s crisp tenor, and the result was a quintet capable of doing justice to a wide range of Broadway tunes. And of course the RSO Big Band was impressive as always, especially on the Harry James number “Two O’Clock Jump.”

Read the whole thing.

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