What I’ve Just Read: City of Bones

The cover of City of Bones, a young adult fantasy by Cassandra Clare, caught my eye several months ago, but I didn’t buy it until just recently, on the strength of a snippet of dialogue quoted on somebody’s blog. (Sorry, I’d love to give a little link love, but I can’t remember whose it was.)

Anyway, I’m glad I did. The central notion of Shadowhunters who kill demons does, inevitably, give off Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes, and the sharp dialogue is also reminiscent of that late, great, TV show, but the details are of course unique to this book and the characters are smart, intriguing, and frequently funny. Lots of great action sequences, unforeseen plot twists (although I confess I guessed the central Big Secret WAY in advance) and effectively angsty emotional moments. The best way to prove I enjoyed this book: I bought this one in its trade paperback edition, but as soon as I finished it I bought the sequel, City of Ashes, in hardcover, and I’m reading it now.

Which I guess tells you what the next entry in “What I’ve Just Read” is going to be.

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