Mozart, Mahler, Magic

My review of Saturday’s Regina Symphony Orchestra concert is now online at the LeaderPost. An excerpt:

“The Concerto for Flute and Harp “(which Sawa himself had never heard played live before now) was originally written as a piece for chamber orchestra, and thus couldn’t help but be lighter in tone. In fact, aside from two horn players, the brass section was entirely excused for this piece, which featured as soloists RSO Principle Flute Marie-Noelle Berthelet and RSO Principal Harp Cécile Denise.

The two were delightful together, the flute’s clear singing intertwined with and embellished by the rippling notes of the harp. (In fact, no offence to the orchestra players, but the sections with just flute and harp were so terrific it almost seemed a shame the piece was written as a concerto and not just as a duet.)

Read the whole thing.

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