I preview The Stampeders…

Classic Canadian rock band The Stampeders (“Sweet City Woman”) plays Casino Regina on Saturday: my preview is in today’s LeaderPost.

Here’s an excerpt:

Remember Art Linklater’s Kids Say the Darndest Things? Members of the veteran Canadian band The Stampeders, which plays Casino Regina on Saturday night, have heard a few doozies of their own from the younger members of their audience.

“You were louder than the Tragically Hip” was one, but the weirdest was: “We thought it would be great to see you before you die.”

“It’s great what they say,” guitarist Rich Dodson says, and that’s a good attitude for him to have, because The Stampeders wouldn’t still be playing together after almost four decades if not for their fans.

“We try and have a good time with the audience,” Dodson says. “We don’t just stand there and rip off the hits. That would be boring.”

And afterwards, they always sign autographs.

“That’s definitely the big plus for us. Connecting with the old pictures, interacting with the fans … it’s always lots of fun.”

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