My LeaderPost review of Globe Theatre’s Mesa

My LeaderPost review of Globe Theatre’s Mesa, which oddly enough has striking similarities to my CBC review of the same production–go figure!–is online this morning.

It begins:

Mesa, Globe Theatre’s new mainstage production, is the story of a road trip — a physical journey from Calgary to Arizona, and the metaphorical journey from youth to old age.

Which sounds pretty heavy, so let me hasten to add that Mesa, well-directed by Joey Tremblay, is also very funny.

It’s 1998, and 93-year-old Bud (Sheldon Davis), is being chauffeured by his 34-year-old grandson-in-law, Paul (Curt McKinstry), on his annual winter trip to the Citrus Gardens trailer park in Mesa, Ariz. It’s the first time he hasn’t driven himself.

The characters they encounter along the way are played by Ryan Parker, also one of two musicians (with Jeremy Sauer) whose music establishes transitions — and whose rendition of The Tennessee Waltz, with its line “Now I know just how much I have lost,” provides an evocative framing device.

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