Welcome to the new, improved edwardwillett.com!

For a long, long time I’ve wanted to consolidate the bulk of my web activities under my main domain name, edwardwillett.com. After experimentation and thought, I finally decided WordPress was the logical way to go…and that I needed professional help. (No wise cracks, please!)

At just about the time I came to that conclusion, Justine Larbelestier‘s new site went live. I liked the look of it, and she seemd pleased with the service she had gotten from PagedMedia, which specializes in writers’ sites. So I contacted Stephanie Leary there and we began the process of designing the new, improved, edwardwillett.com.

And now, just in time for the launch of Terra Insegura, here it is! It’s much cleaner and simpler. Not everything made the journey over from the old site, which was getting quite dated-looking, but among the things that did make the journey were all of my science columns, reconfigured as blog posts, dated (as close as I could figure, anyway) to when they were originally written. (Which is why I now have “blog posts” that predate the World Wide Web by two years!)

I suspect I’ll take a big hit in visitors until the search engines catch up with the new URLs for my columns, which have driven the bulk of the traffic to this site. But it needed to be done!

So take time to poke around the site and let me know what you think. Now that it’s up and running I’ll be tweaking it myself going forward.

And thanks to PagedMedia for all their work!

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  1. Definitely new and improved. Looking much, much better, Ed.

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