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A couple of nice reviews on Good Reads…

…for Marseguro and Terra Insegura have showed up from Bookchick, host of the all-about-books radio program I was recently on on Regina’s CJTR community radio station.

Highlights of the Marseguro review*:

Marseguro is an action-packed adventure full of humour, characters who are familiar as soon as they’re introduced, and a sense of urgency that doesn’t stop from beginning to end. With nods in the book to Canadian Science Fiction writers and politicians, and to Science Fiction classics like Star Trek, Willet has written a captivating novel with many, many layers.

Although it isn’t specifically marketed to a teen/young adult audience, both Marseguro and its sequel Terra Insegura would be welcome additions to any adventure-lover’s bookshelf; teens will love the adventure, the setting, and the stories. There are characters they will identify with, and lines that will make any reader laugh out loud.

And highlights of the Terra Insegura review*:

Set in the far future, Terra Insegura and Marseguro are a little window in to the way intolerance (and all kinds of isms) can be taken to a frightening extreme. Even within the Body, though, there is hope for understanding, and this seems to be a major theme of the series – the difference between knowledge and understanding.

Sometimes, there is a reticence to pick up Science Fiction titles unless you’re already a Sci-Fi fan. Willett’s books are kind to the Sci-Fi ‘newbie’…one of the great things about Science Fiction is how, as a genre, it tends to address “really big questions” and ideas. Marseguro and Terra Insegura do this, in a comfortable and approachable way. You needn’t be reticent about these books. Both of Willett’s books in this series have a wonderful, driving pace, which, when coupled with multiple well-rounded characters and fascinating stories, make wonderful, captivating books that deserve to be read over and over.

*(Yeah, I know, there are also some one-star reviews from people who obviously hated the books. Well, you can’t please everybody.)

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