The centre of the universe likes Marseguro & Terra Insegura!

OK, I should probably explain that the centre of the universe is a blog. The blogger, who goes by the handle Cenobyte, writes, in part:

There is just enough nerd factor in these books to make them sciencey, and there is just enough of a fabulous story to make them fictioney. In fact, both of them are the perfect blend of those two things…

There are themes of racism, colonialism (don’t those two go hand-in-hand anyway), civil rights, and, ultimately, survival. Terra Insegura is more than a sequel; it takes everything that happened in Marseguro and ramps it up a notch…

Willett’s characters are fascinating and real, although at times are frustrating as hell…But what really makes these books for me is the villain…He is pretty much an utter tool, which makes me smile every time he shows up. But he’s not maudlin; that’s the ticket. He’s almost – but not quite – a caricature, and he’s one of my all-time favourites.

Read the whole thing.

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