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Here’s what I’ll be doing at VCon…

I’ll be attending VCon 35 in Vancouver (well, Richmond, really, but close enough) the first weekend in October. And if you’ll be there, too, here’s my schedule…say hi!

Tense Viewpoint – Friday 3pm
Science Fiction And Comedy – Friday 4pm
Book Launch – Friday 7pm
How Did That Get On My Book Cover? – Saturday 2pm
Reading – Saturday 6pm
Religion In Fantasy And Science Fiction – Sunday 10am
How To Write A Fight Scene – Sunday 11am
Author Magic 8-Ball – Sunday 3pm

Keeping me busy, aren’t they? But that’s OK. I like having lots of panels.

While I’ll definitely be at the mass book launch on Friday night, I don’t know yet if we’ll (as in, me and my publisher) will actually manage to have copies of Song of the Sword on hand. It’s not officially released until October 15. But I’m hoping!

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  1. It always puzzles me that they put religion panels on Sunday morning….some of the folks most interested, like me, are bound to be at church instead….:-)

    Regardless– I hope they get your books there for the launch! See you at the con!

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