Another review of Song of the Sword…

…this one coming from Vilate at the Young Adult Literature Review blog, who was  not particularly disposed to liking it, since she’s “not particularly fond of Arthurian tales, as a rule. Arthur is done too often and there aren’t that many new ways to look at him,” as she puts it. And she found it slow going to begin with, but in the end I won her over:

I did like the main character, Ariane, and her “sidekick” Wally. They were both developed well, and they felt well-rounded. Wally is particularly interesting as the nerdy kid who attaches himself to Ariane. There’s a nice dark side to him that comes out every once in a while, and it added depth to what was happening.

And the story got interesting about halfway through. Once the action actually got started, I was invested, and wanted to know what would happen. The tension turned on and was only interrupted again once by an explanation of something. Then, I was pleasantly surprised when the main character was thwarted again near the end, making the last bits unpredictable.

Read the whole thing here.

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