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Masks is out, reviews are coming in…

Untitled-10…and they’re very good!

I’ve been a bit remiss posting on here about the release of Masks, which officially occurred on Tuesday, because it’s been a hectic week: I’ve also been directing my play-with-music, As Time Goes By: A Love Story with Music and Ghosts, and it opened on Thursday. That meant tech rehearsal Monday and a run-through Tuesday and dress rehearsal Wednesday and countless little details to be attended to in the interim. And while all that was going on, Masks hit bookstores!

But I have collected the reviews I’ve found so far, and they’re darn good. The good review from Publishers Weekly and the 4 1/2 stars from RT Book Reviews are particularly pleasing. I’m also thrilled that a number of reviewers are making the point that this book crosses the divide between YA and adult fiction: adults will enjoy it, but it’s YA-accessible, too, though not published as a YA book.

Here are the reviews I’ve found so far. They’re also posted here on this site and on my E.C. Blake site, as well, and I’ll try to keep those pages up to date. There are lots more reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, etc., but I’m focusing on the ones from blogs and magazines:

“The worldbuilding is solid…and Mara’s personal growth is a delight to follow. Sharp characterization, a fast-moving plot, and a steady unveiling of a bigger picture make this a welcome addition to the genre.” – Publishers Weekly

“4 1/2 stars – Masks grabs the reader’s attention on the first page and holds it until the last….The characters are complex and relatable and grow throughout the story, and the storyline itself is fresh and never predictable. Masks is simply impossible to put down and will leave readers begging for the last two books in the trilogy.” – RT Book Reviews

“4 of 5 stars – I liked this book a lot; the story had me riveted from beginning to end, and there’s lots of potential for the main character and the series’ fantasy world.”  Bibliosanctum

“​​​​​​Tension building that will curl your toes and amazing world building!​” 4/5 stars – My Shelf Confessions

“A must-follow fantasy series with a new heroine to root for!” – Addicted 2 Heroines

“[A] delightfully original and dark fantasy world…E.C. Blake’s Masks is a fantastic debut, set in a chilling and magical world.” 4/5 stars – A Reader of Fictions

“Inventive…Younger readers…are likely to find plenty of fun and adventure in Mara’s story.” – Fantasy Fiction

Masks is a great step up for older teen readers moving into reading adult fantasy. This book has a bit of a dystopian feel without the cliches that seem to be becoming common in YA dystopian fiction. Adult readers who have enjoyed series such as Terry Brooks’ Shannara novels should be sure to read Masks.” – Kari Lynn Writes

“A great read that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels and what is shaping up to be an epic journey.” 5/5 stars – Musings of a Hopeful Author

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