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Birds of a feather

[podcast][/podcast] It’s a familiar sight this time of year: enormous flocks of snow geese, covering a field, then all taking flight at once, whirling and swirling in unison. It’s almost like they’re all under the control of a single mind, but of course they aren’t. In fact, they’re under the control of a multitude of …

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Disease-Hunting Scientist: Jonathan Runstadler investigates bird flu in Alaska

[podcast][/podcast] Here’s another column drawn from one of the chapters of my new book Disease-Hunting Scientist (Enslow Publishers): Every spring, an estimated six million birds arrive in Alaska to breed. Some spent the winter in Southeast Asia, home to a strain of avian influenza called H5N1. Although swine flu is getting all the attention right …

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Photos of the Day that were Actually Taken Sunday: The Robins

More photos here.

Photo of the Day: The Bird Who Came to Dinner

This bird joined us for dinner at the Wascana Country Club this evening, perching just on the other side of the dining room window glass. More photos here.

Photo of the Day: Bohemian Waxwings

More photos here.

Attack of the giant bird-eating bats!

I’m linking to this story just because it allowed me to write the above headline. Such are the little things that keep me amused.

"Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds…"

…is how this story about Madagascarian insect life is headlined, but never mind the science: doesn’t “Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds…” sound like the start to a wonderfully evocative poem by some terribly sensitive poet? Something like: Moths drink the tearsOf sleeping birds;I drink up beersAnd slur my words. *Sniff.* Brings a lump …

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Geese–and Goosezilla

Canada Geese are among the most identifiable birds on the prairies, but we tend to have a love-hate relationship with them. We love to see and hear them honking overhead on a quiet autumn evening–but we hate what they do to our parks, lawns and golf courses. But if you think today’s geese are a …

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