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The most boring headline in my RSS feeds today:

Statement by the American Egg Board and Egg Nutrition Center on AJCN study on egg consumption Just one glimpse almost about made me keel over face down and snoring on the keyboard.

We have a winner!

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist just finished hosting a give-away of Marseguro, and announced the winner today: Cédric Billette, from Gatineau, Québec. Congratulations, and the book is in the mail (or will be very soon).

Another three weeks’ worth of Futurismic posts…

…which should actually be a longer list than this, but I’ve been too busy to post as often as I’d like. Still, it’s not a bad crop: UCLA researchers design nanomachine that kills cancer cells It’s not molecular manufacturing, but you can see it from here: To sleep, perchance to dream (suspended animation) A world …

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Hassenpfeffer is a cuss-free zone!

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Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is giving away Marseguro!

Didn’t win a copy of Marseguro in my own February give-aways? Now you’ve got another chance! Pat over at the excellent fantasy/SF review blog Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is giving away a copy. Pop on over there to find out how you can enter! (And check back regularly…it really is a great blog.) Good luck!

So, make me an offer!

My blog is worth $15,242.58.How much is your blog worth?

A month’s worth of Futurismic posts…

I’ve been remiss! Here are links to my last month’s worth of posts over at Futurismic (which now, by the way, is once more publishing science fiction!): A touchless computer interface Scientists create dynamic holographic display Star Wars meets Lara Croft on stage in Fight Girl Battle World The search for life on Europa begins …

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It’s alive! It’s alive!

The Willetts on Wine.

Beaten to the punch!

I’m still awaiting the long-delayed arrival of my authors’ and promotional copies of Marseguro, so I haven’t started the book give-away I’m planning to run over the month of February. (One book a week! Details to follow!) I was amused (and pleased) to see that I’ve been beaten to the punch by Fantasy and Sci …

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More recent Futurismic posts

Looking for cool science stories? Here are links to my most recent posts over at Futurismic for you to check out: Inaudibility cloaks, like invisibility cloaks, theoretically possible Scientist creates dark matter in the lab! Heads-up displays, “super-vision,” via contact lenses Robots evolve ability to lie…and be heroes


Today’s Web column for CBC’s Afternoon Edition… *** Over the past few years the growing use of computers and the Internet has contributed a lot of weird new words to our language. People talk about ROM and RAM and “megs of memory,” Googling and websurfing and more. But one of the weirdest words of all …

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My recent posts over at Futurismic

I haven’t posted as many science items here as usual in part because I’m very busy, but also in part because I try to post something every day over at Futurismic. Here are some recent posts of mine over there you might want to check out: The debate over “Active SETI” Building blocks of life …

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