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A better way to keep cool

[podcast]https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/upLoads//2010/06/A-Better-Way-to-Keep-Cool.mp3[/podcast] We all have our preferred temperature. Me, I like it cool. My poor college roommate can attest to that, since I just about froze him out of our room, aided by the fact I was tall enough to easily reach the air conditioning controls and he wasn’t. But hey, that was in Arkansas, and …

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Keeping comfortable

Humans are creatures of comfort; and the story of civilization is, to a certain extent, the quest to keep from being either too hot or too cold. Considering the recent swings in temperature we’ve experienced, it could be considered the story of Saskatchewan, too. The earliest form of climate control was the fire. Room temperature …

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Keeping cool

I went to university in Arkansas, a state which boasts two of the distinguishing characteristics of the South: heat and humidity. As a member of the Harding University Marching Band, I got to spend an hour and a half every day of every week out in the sunshine practicing halftime shows in late summer, and …

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