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Saturday Special: Lisa Fernando and Canada’s epidemic response team

In view of the announcement this week that Canada will send a mobile laboratory to help stem an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I offer an account of a similar effort from Canada to help combat an outbreak of Marburg hemmorhagic fever (closely related to Ebola) in Angola a few years …

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I get a box full of disease detectives!

Oh, all right, not the actual detectives themselves, but my latest book from Enslow, Disease-Hunting Scientist: Careers Hunting Deadly Disease. That’s the cover at left. Here’s the blurb from the back: Working from high-tech labs in Canada or remote villages in Africa, epedemiologists travel the world trying to keep us safe from deadly diseases. Learn how …

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My new book Disease-Hunting Scientist officially released!

My newest nonfiction children’s book for Enslow Publishers has now been officially released! (That’s the cover at left; at the moment, that’s the largest version of it I have.) You can order it now from Amazon.com or elsewhere. From the Enslow blog: Author Edward Willett tells the true stories of six real disease hunters in …

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