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Test driving a Ford Explorer

I’ve written for a lot of different magazines over the years, but there’s really only one magazine I’ve ever really wanted to work for full-time: Car & Driver. My oldest brother, Jim, subscribed to it during the 1960s, and later my father subscribed. Eventually, so did I. For many years I read it cover to …

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Driver distractions

With summer officially here and school officially out, the roads will soon be full of people driving to and from the beach, the cottage and/or grandma’s house. Just in time, new research has appeared that sheds new light on how drivers can best keep their minds–and, as a result, their cars–on the road. First, some …

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The physics of driving

A lot of people will be driving a lot of kilometres over the next few months, as Canadians rush frantically around the country to make the most of summer. Unfortunately, quite a few accidents will undoubtedly result, some of which could be prevented if people better understood the physical forces at work when they drive …

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