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No need for gas-price conspiracy theories

[podcast]https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/uploads//2012/07/Gas-Price-Conspiracies.mp3[/podcast] There’s a public perception that somebody must be pulling the strings on gas prices, that somewhere in some shadowy secret lair mustache-twirling oilmen are gleefully conspiring to raise prices across the board just in time for summer holidays. It’s such a popular perception that it has sparked any number of public inquiries around the …

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We handle money every day–though perhaps not as much of it as we would like–but we’re more interested in what the coins and bills will buy than how they are made (except, of course, for the new two-dollar coin, which we like to throw, hammer and jump up and down on, on the off chance …

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The science of the stock market

  After 145 years, the Toronto Stock Exchange’s 30,000-square-foot trading floor, where traders bought and sold equities primarily by shouting at each other at the top of the their lungs, closed recently. Buying and selling can now be done much more quickly, easily and efficiently using computers, so the TSE has gone to a completely …

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