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Category: cars

Ford Green Driving Event…and a week with a C-MAX hybrid

My Ford-driving adventures continue, because Ford continues to see fit to let me drive media cars and blog about them. Which is very nice. (Any other car companies want to do the same? Ferrari, perhaps? :)) Ford held a special event in Regina on June 18 to showcase its “green driving” efforts. A number of …

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Test Drive: 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

I’m really, really late in writing this review of the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport I had the opportunity to test-drive. How late am I? So late that when I drove it, one of the things that impressed me the most was the way it handled the deep, icy ruts that plagued the streets of my …

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Test Drive: Ford Escape Titanium 4WD

I’ve driven quite a few Fords now since I started this series of car posts, and I have to say that the Ford Escape Titanium 4WD is pretty much my favorite of the lot (always excepting the Mustang convertible, but this time of year I’d much rather be navigating our icy, snow-choked streets in the …

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No need for gas-price conspiracy theories

[podcast][/podcast] There’s a public perception that somebody must be pulling the strings on gas prices, that somewhere in some shadowy secret lair mustache-twirling oilmen are gleefully conspiring to raise prices across the board just in time for summer holidays. It’s such a popular perception that it has sparked any number of public inquiries around the …

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A Tale of Two Fords: Edge Limited & Fiesta SES

Ford, for reasons best known only to itself, continues to provide me with the opportunity to drive media cars a they come through town. Which is how, in the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to drive a Ford Edge Limited and a Ford Fiesta SES. Both fine vehicles, but both quite different. And …

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Test Drive: Ford Focus

Week before last Ford graciously provided me with the opportunity to drive a brand-new Ford Focus for a few days…which I found amusing for reasons that had nothing to do with the car. See, in my YA fantasy Song of the Sword, set here in Regina, one of the villains, who tries to abduct my …

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Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

[podcast][/podcast] Do you talk to your car? I know I do (perhaps not as much as I, um, “talk” to other drivers, but some). I think I inherited the trait from my mother: all of the cars of my childhood, I knew from her, were named “Suzy.” These days, your car may even listen to …

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Driving green for fun and prizes

As regular readers of this blog will by now realize, Ford keeps letting me drive their vehicles in exchange for writing about them. Which is a sweet deal, you have to admit. Even if the vehicles aren’t always to my taste (hello, giant red F150 pickup!), I enjoy driving them. Recently, though, the driving-Fords gig …

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