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A building in a bag

Every year disasters and wars leave homes in ruins or drive people from them. One of the first tasks of emergency workers is to provide shelter–typically in the form of tents. As anyone who has ever served time–er, spent time camping knows, however, a tent is not something you want to live in indefinitely. When you’re camping …

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Mount Rushmore

  A recent trip to the United States provided me with an opportunity to see Mount Rushmore for the first time in more than 20 years…and marvel once again at what is both a great artistic work and a marvel of technological ingenuity. The seed that grew into Mount Rushmore was planted by Doane Robinson, …

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Leonardo’s Bridge

Last week a pedestrian bridge opened in Norway. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be of much interest anywhere else, but this bridge drew media attention from all over the world, because of its designer: Leonardo da Vinci. The artist behind the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper was a true Renaissance man (in fact, the original Renaissance …

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On June 6, 4,000 people walked across the Northumberland Strait from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. No, it wasn’t a miracle: it was a celebration of the first anniversary of the 12.9-kilometre Confederation Bridge, one of the longest multi-span bridges in the world. Impressive though it is, Confederation Bridge is really just a modern …

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The annoying thing about water in Saskatchewan is that we never seem to have just the right amount. There’s either too little or, more rarely, too much. This time of the year, as the snow melts, it’s usually the latter. While a lack of water is bad, a surfeit of water is often worse, as …

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