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Falcon’s Egg available to reviewers through NetGalley

Falcon’s Egg, my upcoming science fiction novel from Bundoran Press, is now available to reviewers through NetGalley. That’s the gorgeous Dan O’Driscoll cover at left, and here’s the description: The sequel to Right to Know, Falcon’s Egg is a fast-paced action adventure. Discovering a plot to reassert Imperial control over the recently rediscovered Peregrine, Lorn …

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Magebane galleys are here!

Which means I get to spend the next few days re-reading my own book, and hoping the only errors I see are little ones that are easily corrected, and not major “what-was-I-thinking-aargh-it’s-too-late-to-fix-it-now!” ones. Here’s the title and byline from the title page. I love the little airship logo, which appears at the start of each …

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