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And we’re off! 2011 and beyond…

So…Happy New Year! If you’re going to build readership on a blog, you have to post regularly. Everyone knows that. I know it; you know it. And periodically I’ve attempted it, never with any great success. But you know what? Hope springs eternal, and with the start of a new year, I’ve got another chance …

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Photos of the (yester)day

I don’t usually feel the need to unburden myself of deep philosophical musings on politics, the meaning of life, or the place of humanity in the universe, but after deep soul-searching, I have come to the point where I simply must–oh, look, a squirrel! Sorry. As I was saying, I don’t usually feel the need …

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Photos of the Day that were Actually Taken Sunday: The Robins

More photos here.

Photo of the Day that was Actually Taken Sunday: There Goes the Sun

More photos here.

The 1960s moon in high-def

Download larger version. A little over 40 years ago, to help it select potential landing sites for its Apollo lunar missions, NASA sent five unmanned spacecraft over two years to orbit the moon and photograph pretty much every inch of its surface. The images sent back were amazing, especially one of the Earth rising over …

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Willett of the Day: A.T. Willett, photographer

I dabble in photography, but A.T. Willett, based in Tucson, is the real thing: check out the beautiful images at his website. Here’s a bit of biography from the section of his site devoted to his book Passion Junkie: “A. T. Willett has been a Photojournalist for the last 18 years. Starting work at the …

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Photo of the Day that was Actually Taken A Couple of Weeks Ago: My Home State Welcomes Me Home

New Mexico was glad to see me, a native son, returning home a couple of weeks ago. How do I know? Because this is what greeted us shortly after we crossed the Colorado border:

Just because I haven’t done it before…

…here’s my name via Erik Kastner’s “Spell with flickr” app: Pretty cool! And to think kidnappers used to have to do this by cutting letters out of magazines.

Photo of the Day: Lunar Eclipse. No, really, believe me!

I was feeling a bit disappointed in my best picture of the lunar eclipse tonight (this is about halfway to totality) until I saw John Scalzi’s photo. Now I’m thinking I did all right in the absence of a tripod and with a six-year-old girl tugging on my elbow and begging me to go back …

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Favorite space photos

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, New Scientist has assembled a stunning slideshow of the favorite space-related photos of a group of scientists, astronauts, artists and space entrepreneurs.

Apollo photo archive coming online!

This is exciting:Nearly 40 years after man first walked on the moon, the complete lunar photographic record from the Apollo project will be accessible to both researchers and the general public on the Internet. A new digital archive – created through a collaboration between Arizona State University and NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston – …

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"The Strangest Sights in Google Earth"…

…can be seen here, courtesy of PC World. The Badlands Guardian is the coolest, I think, although I also quite like the giant pink bunny and the World War II bomber caught in flight.

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