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How I became a DAW author

Here is a tale I’ve told oft before, though never (I think) in print or pixel: the tale of how I became a DAW author. It’s an oft-told tale because I like to share it with writers who are still in that seeking-publication stage, for though the specifics of it are of little use (I doubt any other writer has taken or will take my particular route to a New York publisher), there are some details of it that are, I hope, both helpful and encouraging. Here’s how it transpired... As the new millennium dawned, I had written quite a lot of non-fiction, but only five novels had appeared bearing ...

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Ebooks! Get your red-hot ebooks! Spirit Singer! Andy Nebula! and The Chosen!

                                      I was an early adopter when it came to ebooks in more ways than one. I owned a very early dedicated ebook reader, the HieBook, and read a ton of stuff on it. But I was also an early adopter as a writer, publishing my YA fantasy novel Spirit Singer with Awe-Struck Publishing (now owned by Mundania Press LLC) 10 years ago...you know, clever me, before ebooks really took off. As an experiment, it ...

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Ebook versions of my Andy Nebula books now available!

With the explosion in dedicated ebook readers, and the growing popularity of ebooks in general, I've finally decided to take some concrete steps to make sure my books are available in that format...so, I've added Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star and the never-published sequel (because publisher Roussan went out of business), Andy Nebula: Double Trouble to the Amazon Kindle store and to Smashwords (from which it should eventually propagate to other major online ebook sellers), where it is available in a variety of formats. Here are the links: Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star, Kindle Edition Andy Nebula: Double Trouble, Kindle Edition Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star, Smashwords Edition...

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