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Photo of Last Week: The Sage Hill Teen Writing Experience

Courtesy of Taylor Bendig, here’s a photo of the group of terrific students I worked with last week at the Sage Hill Teen Writing Experience: Back row, left to right: Kiera Mitchell, Christine Howell, me, Stuart Beatch, Sandi Pitura. Front row, left to right: Kimberley Christianson, Melissa Tholl, Emily Garland, Krista Kaufman, Taylor Bendig, Mackenzie …

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"Speculative Fiction Authors Considered as High School Students"

This is hilarious if you recognize even half of the names, and really hilarious if you recognize them all. And since I’m in the midst of teaching the Sage Hill Teen Writing Experience, and many of my actual high school students show an interest in speculative fiction, it’s even funnier. Me? No, you won’t see …

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More from John Scalzi on teen writers

Sometime last year John Scalzi wrote a post at Whatever called “10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing”. I agreed with pretty much all of it (although Scalzi’s default writing style is more…well, I don’t think even he would disagree with the description “snarky”…than mine). In fact, I agreed with it so much that …

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