Photo of Last Week: The Sage Hill Teen Writing Experience

Courtesy of Taylor Bendig, here’s a photo of the group of terrific students I worked with last week at the Sage Hill Teen Writing Experience:

Back row, left to right: Kiera Mitchell, Christine Howell, me, Stuart Beatch, Sandi Pitura. Front row, left to right: Kimberley Christianson, Melissa Tholl, Emily Garland, Krista Kaufman, Taylor Bendig, Mackenzie Hamon, Patrick Mursell, Brittney Graham, Billy Hamilton.

Remember those names! You’ll be reading books by some of these young people very soon, I’m sure.

Oh, and here’s the cover of the magazine we put out with their writing in it. It’s 16 pages, and includes poetry, prose, the results of our first two Writers at the Improv, two “instant collaboration” stories, a short piece by myself–and one advertisement, for the Sage Hill Institute of Applied Heroism.

It was a fun week!

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