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Great review of Paths to the Stars in Resource Links

This great review by Leslie Vermeer of Paths to the Stars just appeared in Resource Links ("Connecting Classrooms, Libraries, and Canadian Learning Resources"): "Many students get their start as serious readers of science fiction and fantasy (SFF) in junior high or early senior high. Often they read the classics in the genre without ever realizing that SFF authors are alive and pro-ducing right here in Canada. Paths to the Stars offers readers a sly and good-humoured introduction to the work of Saskatchewan-based, award-winning writer Edward Willett, best known for his novels Marseguro and Terra Insegura. The twenty-two short stories in this collection, compiled from two ...

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My latest book: the First World War memoirs of my grandfather-in-law

The cover of One Lucky Devil: The First World War Memoirs of Sampson J. Goodfellow (Shadowpaw Press). My latest book isn't one I wrote, it's one I edited. It's One Lucky Devil, the First World War memoirs of my grandfather-in-law, Sampson J. Goodfellow, published by my new publishing company, Shadowpaw Press. I always knew that this would be the second book from Shadowpaw Press, after my collection of short stories, Paths to the Stars, and also knew I wanted to time it to come out just before this November 11, the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the Great War. It's ...

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Five-star review for Paths to the Stars

Paths to the Stars, Published by Shadowpaw PressBuy an autographed copy directly from me!Shadowpaw Press | Amazon.comAmazon.ca | Chapters/Indigo | Barnes & Noble Just came across a great five-star review on Goodreads of Paths of the Stars, penned (pixelled?) by Toby Welch. Some excerpts: "In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve read Willett’s work before. I’ve enjoyed every novel of his that I’ve consumed and hoped that his latest work would reach the same high bar. It didn’t - it hurdled right over that bar and left it hanging..." "It’s a requirement of mine for science fiction works to push the boundaries ...

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New short-story collection Paths to the Stars now available!

My new short-story collection, Paths to the Stars: Twenty-Two Fantastical Tales of Imagination, has just been released by Shadowpaw Press. The stories in it span my writing career--the oldest is one I wrote at age 19 (or possibly 18, I'm not sure) at Harding University; the newest just came out earlier this year.  They're roughly fifty-fifty young adult and adult stories. Where can you get it? Well, you can buy it in all popular ebook formats or get an autographed directly from me through my new online shop. You can also buy it at any of these links: Shadowpaw Press| Amazon.com| Amazon.ca| Chapters/Indigo| Barnes & Noble Here's the official ...

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Announcing Shadowpaw Press

Like many authors, I've got a few projects that I'd like to get out into the wide world for which I do not have a publisher handy, and so I am turning to my own publishing resources--something far easier to do today than ever before. Rather than simply self-publish, however, I've decided to go the somewhat more complicated (but offering-more-opportunities) route of setting up my own independent press, which I've named Shadowpaw Press after our black Siberian cat (because, why not? Also, he has a publishing pedigree of sorts--see "My publisher brought me a kitten!") who also serves as the logo. (Preliminary logo--I think I'll be doing more work on ...

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