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Is this the ancestor of my Marseguro killerbot?

This proposed underwater robot with a sense of touch looks scarily like what I imagined the Selkie-tracking “killerbots” of Marseguro to be. Mine had tentacles rather than articulated arms, but still: Oh, and for comparison’s sake, here’s how cover artist Steve Stone pictured the killerbot:

Robot and human surgeons compare micro-gravity operating skills

Good news for future space travelers: the world’s first demonstration of robotic surgery in a simulated micro-gravity environment takes place this week, in a collaborative effort between SRI International and the University of Cincinnati. On four parabolic flights September 25 to 28 aboard a NASA C-9 aircraft (nicknamed the “Weightless Wonder“), a human surgeon will …

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Had I known of this personal submarine before I wrote my new novel set on a water planet, I might have used something like it in the story. Then again, now that I’ve gotten a good look at it…maybe not. (Via Gizmodo.)

The world’s first underwater luxury hotel…

…is now under construction 20 metres below the waves off the coast of Dubai. This caught my eye both because a) it’s cool and b) large portions of the book I turned in to DAW today take place underwater, although not, alas, in luxury hotels. Looks like a place just waiting for James Bond to …

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It’s that time of the year again. The weather is turning cooler, the leaves are changing color, Canadians are leafing through travel brochures featuring sandy beaches, blue water, and warm sunshine. Except… …except, there’s been a lot of news about shark attacks coming from those very same sunny beaches. Some could be excused for wondering …

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  Submarines have been much in the news lately. Not only has world attention has been riveted on the tragic sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk, but Canada is in the process of getting new submarines and, in the U.S., the Civil War submarine that was the first to sink another ship has just been …

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Happy 40th anniversary, USS Nautilus!

  There’s not much in the way of interesting scientific anniversaries on my list for this month, which suits me fine, because it means I can focus on the one that interests me most:  the 40th anniversary of the launch of the world’s first nuclear submarine, the USS Nautilus, on January 21, 1954. I don’t …

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