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World-wide wikis

Today’s CBC Web column… ******* Once upon a time, a computer programmer named Ward Cunningham visited Honolulu, where a Honolulu International Airport counter employee told him to take the a particular shuttle bus line between terminals, nicknamed the “WikiWiki” line: wiki is a Hawaiian-language word for “fast.” I don’t know whether Cunningham took the WikiWiki …

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…but with monsters! Seriously, Monstropedia looks like it could be a useful source of information, inspiration and procrastination for fantasy writers. It’s a wiki, though, so reader beware when it comes to accuracy. (Via Books, Words, and Writing.)

A better alternative to Wikipedia?

I hope it works out. As I like to say (and I don’t think I’m the first), “Wikipedia is a very useful tool. Sometimes it’s even right.” Here’s the nascent rival: Citizendium. It’s Wikipedia with real names…and experts.

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