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When webscabs unite

Bloggasm has an excellent retrospective of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day.

This might surprise a few people…

A quote from famed U.S. writer Tom Wolfe: “Bush is portrayed as a moron. I’ve only conversed with him a couple of times – not for very long – but I found he was more literate on literature than the editor of the New York Review of Books, Bob Silvers. I’ve talked to both of …

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Post-signing post

Well, that went pretty well. McNally-Robinson did indeed have Lost in Translation (already signed, though, since I signed their entire stock on my last trip up here), A Safe and Prosperous Future and Genetics Demystified on hand. I signed two or three books and talked to several school librarians, so it was all good. And …

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Signing in Saskatoon

So here I am at the Saskatoon Inn, due to go down in a couple of hours and take part in an Author Signing Coffee House as part of the Saskatchewan School Library Association Conference getting underway here, along with lots of other Saskatchewan writers: Rebecca Grambo, Byrna Barclay, Dave Glaze, Linda Aksomitis, Rod MacIntyre, …

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Internation Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day: The Column

For the past 17 years, my science column (which continues to run weekly in the Regina Leader Post) also ran, at first weekly, then every other week, on CBC Radio’s Afternoon Edition here in Saskatchewan. As of two weeks ago, however, my CBC focus has changed to matters World Wide Webbish.I still write them up …

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More technopeasants

Jo Walton (who started this whole thing) is keeping track of some of the other free online offerings for International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day.

"Tramping alien territory in search of the Fountain of Sales"

In the course of writing about the demise of “plogs” (author blogs attached to books on Amazon), Victoria Strauss pegs something I’ve been thinking, too: In the harsh world of self-promotion, we’re all snatching at straws, reading runes, casting spells, and chasing our own tails, hoping that each new opportunity–websites! Blogs! Plogs! MySpace! Podcasting!–will be …

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Dickens World: A Charles Dickens Theme Park!

No, really! (Via SFBC.)

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

In response to this rant by the outgoing Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America vice-president Howard V. Hendrix, in which he takes issue with the growing practice of writers posting work online for anyone to read for free, World Fantasy Winner and current Nebula Award nominee Jo Walton has had an idea: I am …

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Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

I’ve been asked a couple of times over the last day or so, presumably because people know I write science fiction, about my thoughts on the death of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Fact is, I don’t have any. I think I hit Vonnegut at the wrong point in my reading life–maybe tried to read him too …

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“If I had not lived until I was 90, I would not have been able to write this book”

At his Ficlets blog, John Scalzi points to the amazing story of Harry Bernstein, “whose new novel is getting him fame and attention at the tender age of 96.” Bernstein published his first short story in 1934. It took seven decades for his next literary achievement. His novel The Invisible Wall is about his early …

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Hugo Award nominees announced

The Hugo Awards, for those who don’t know, are roughly equivalent to science fiction’s People’s Choice Awards. Nominees are nominated and voted on by members of the World Science Fiction Convention, and the Hugo Awards Ceremony is always a centrepiece of said convention, which this year is being held in Yokohama, Japan. Here are this …

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