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A month of Terra Insegura/Marseguro give-aways begins today!

Terra Insegura by Edward WillettTomorrow’s the big day when Terra Insegura officially hits bookstore shelves, and  so, with great fanfare, I announce the Great Terra Insegura Book Give-Away Contest, twin to the very successful Marseguro give-away I ran when that book came out–except with one great exception: this time, I’m giving books to two people every week for the next month.

Here’s how it works. To enter, all you have to do is either (a) leave a comment below (with a valid e-mail address) telling me you’d like to enter or (b) email me at edward(at)edwardwillett.com to that effect (use “Terra Insegura” as the subject to be sure I don’t miss it).

This first week’s contest closes at midnight on Sunday, May 10, the second week on Sunday, May 17, the third week on Sunday, May 24, and the final week on Sunday, May 31. Each week, the first name drawn receives a copy of Terra Insegura. The second name drawn receives a copy of Marseguro. (Signed, of course.) I’ll contact the winners by email and only then ask for mailing information.

marsegurocoverfinalOf course, my nefarious purpose is to convince those who receive Terra Insegura to then go back and read Marseguro, if they haven’t already, while I hope those who receive Marseguro will be driven by insatiable need for more Willett words to rush out and purchase multiple copies of Terra Insegura. (A faint hope, but…)

If you don’t win one week, you’re welcome to enter again the following week, but you’ll need to send me a fresh email or leave a fresh comment.

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Pass this along!
Remember, you can read the first two chapters (or listen to me reading them) online. And, of course, if you don’t win, you can always buy the book in your local bookstore, or order it online.
Here’s the official book blurb: 
From the author of Marseguro—The BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL returns to earth

Marseguro, a water world far from Earth, is home to a colony of humans and the Selkies, a water-dwelling race created from modified human DNA. For seventy years the colony has lived in peace. Then Earth discovers Marseguro, and a strike force is sent to eradicate this “abomination.” But Marseguro has created a genetically tailored plague to use against Earth’s Holy Warriors. With the enemy defeated, the people of Marseguro feel they are safe. But Chris Keating, the traitor who signaled Marseguro’s location to the Holy Warriors, has fled to Earth, unknowingly carrying the deadly plague within him. The people of Marseguro feel they must send a ship to Earth with a life-saving vaccine. Only time will tell what awaits them when they reach their destination.


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  1. Rick LeBlanc Says:

    Terra Insegura: sounds like a great idea, Ed. I hope you get lots of responses. Have fun!! Rick

  2. Catherine MacLeod Says:

    Sounds like a great read. This is my kind of lottery. 8)

  3. Sherry Ramsey Says:

    I tried to pick up a copy of Marseguro at Chapters this weekend but they didn’t have it. Maybe I’ll win one instead! ;)

  4. Bill Blohm Says:

    I confess I’m entering more out of curiosity than anything else. I might send this to my enemies and try to trick them into submitting my name too. Won’t work with my friends, tho…they’ll probably submit their own.

  5. Doug Warren Says:

    Woot! Free Books! Where do I sign up…oops, I just did.

  6. Jaydean Krupski Says:

    Please enter me into your draw! Good luck with your book launch!! = )

  7. Geoffrey W. Cole Says:

    What a great idea to promote your book. Count me in for the contest!

  8. Mike Faul Says:

    Enter me as well. Good luck with the launch.

  9. SMD Says:

    Really enjoyed Marseguro, so would love to get a chance to win the followup.

    Thanks or the cool giveaway, Mr. Willett!

  10. Jared Berry Says:

    Count me in on the contest!

  11. Jared Berry Says:

    Count me in on the contest. :)

  12. Mike F Says:

    Sounds like an interesting read. I saw this on SF Signal and thought it sounded intersting. I’d love to win a copy to check out.

    Good luck!

  13. Ian H. Says:

    I already own both, but if I win, I’ll give away my (non-signed) copy to someone else.

  14. Jake L Says:

    oh very cool…

  15. Kian Momtahan Says:

    Great idea. Book sounds great.

  16. Jane Harvey Says:

    Sounds great, count me in!

  17. Joanne Huspek Says:

    Please count me in too! Thanks!

  18. Victoria Lee Says:

    Please count me in! Thanx!

  19. Dark Wolf Says:

    Please sign me in this competition. Thank you very much :)

  20. Ken McConnell Says:

    As a winner last year, I can attest that Marseguro was a fun read and I’m looking forward to Terra Insegura.

  21. Rob Bartlett Says:

    Please sign me in this competition. Thank you very much :)

  22. Lorin Says:

    great contest! Please enter me. Thank you!

    lorin_arch (at) hotmail (dot) com

  23. strugglingwriter Says:

    enter me in the contest please

  24. MasterThief Says:

    Just came here from John Scalzi’s whatever.

    Sounds like an awesome story. I’m in.

  25. jason mitchell Says:

    -yes enter me in the contest –
    should the books be read in order?

  26. G Says:

    Please enter me- sounds interesting.

  27. Scott Says:


  28. Wilma Says:

    Sounds great! Sign me up.

  29. BJ Says:

    Enjoyed “Marseguro” and am looking forward to the new one.

  30. Carmel Waddington Says:

    I always appreciate your weekly columns and am very interested in your science fiction efforts…good luck with this book!

  31. Janet Says:

    Oh my. Competition. Count me in.

  32. 33 Edward Willett Says:


    Should the books be read in order? Well, it couldn’t hurt. But I think there’s enough background provided in the new one that it can be read on its own, or read first.

  33. Angela Christie Says:

    Loved Marseguro, am reading Lost In Translation and can’t wait to read Terra Insegura. Thanks Ed.

  34. Mike O'Brien Says:

    Sign me up…
    always looking for new SF to get into.

  35. Cary Meriwether Says:

    Great idea!!! Please enter my name.

  36. Rik Beatty Says:

    Just saw your “Big Idea” over on Scalzi’s site. Count me in for the drawing. Thanx.

  37. Jason Says:

    Another Scalzi reader won over by the Big Idea post.

  38. Nigel Simpson Says:

    Read Marseguro and it was great. Expecting the follow up to be just as good.

  39. Robert Koslover Says:

    What a deal! Please add me to the list. Thanks!

  40. Tom Says:

    Best wishes, Edward; these must be exciting days, and I hope the books do well for you.

    Another Scalzi-connected visitor, btw.

    Please add me to the list.

  41. Adrienne Says:

    Also heading here from Scalzi’s Whatever. Please count me in for the contest too. *crossing fingers*

  42. Dave Says:

    Good luck with the book. Best wishes.

    Count me in please.

  43. alix Says:

    Here via Whatever. That was a killer opening to come up with in five minutes!

  44. Bear Says:

    hi from romania! also here from john scalzi’s :)
    can you count me in for the giveaway? and i would definitely love to read marseguro too (loved the title as soon as i read it). who knows, maybe i can have both books translated here?

  45. Rick Says:

    Very good marketing, will try it when I am complete with my 1st book :)
    Sign me up for the offer.

  46. Guy Says:

    Please sign me up for the drawing. I hope I haven’t come in too late!

  47. harold edward willett Says:

    Ijust happen to run across your web site and thought it was so funny to find someone with the same name.I as well just wrote my first book at 51 years old.You can see the book on my web site.Im always looking for places that will have me speak and preach the gospel of JESUS Christ.I live on ss disability because of a bad fall 16 years ago but i can still talk and walk thank God.Im always looking for any help i can find to support the ministry God has given me to do.Nice to be able to send you this email and hopfully one day be able to share with each other.Take care and God bless you.Harold Edward Willett.Maryland USA.I have so many ideas in my head for a movie and other heart warming kinds of things but im not able to do any of those as it is way to expensive if you kno hat i mean.Take care and look forward to hearing from you.I as well have a great publisher if intrested in getting to know him and his very resonable nd may be able to help y save a lot of cost.

  48. harold edward willett Says:

    Also i would like to enter the drawing for your new book Thanks again.Harold Edward Willett.USA Maryland.

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