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I gave a reading at the Weyburn Public Library last Thursday night. This is notable because, although I grew up in Weyburn and am a former editor of the Weyburn Review, I’ve rarely read in the city–only a couple of times at schools, and never (until last week) at the library.

It was an interesting crowd. There were a couple of young people, which was nice, since I write mostly young adult science fiction and fantasy, but mostly it was elderly women–the natural audience for library readings in Weyburn, as I recall from my days at the paper. What they probably weren’t were SF & F readers, so I wasn’t sure how they’d react. But in fact, they reacted very well (OK, my mom was in the audience, but there were many non-relatives, too) and bought over $100 worth of books.

Just goes to show that even the most unlikely people can suddenly find themselves enjoying science fiction and fantasy.

Or, at least, they were too polite to say otherwise!

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