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I know, I know, every BlogSpot blogger blogs about it, but I got a kick out of the ads that have been appearing at the top of this page ever since I posted the column about where people think germs lurk: “Top Quality Toilet Seat: Toilet seat factory in Canton China Top Quality, Reasonable Price” and “Best quality toilet seat: The largest one exporting to Europe 3,500,000 sets output per year.”

Excuse me? People actually advertise toilet seats on the Web? Which, in turn, seems to suppose that someone is shopping for toilet seats on the Web, and might even order them online from Canton?

If I may paraphrase a famous astronomer, “The Internet is not only queerer than we suppose, it’s queerer than we can suppose.”

(And, of course, by mentioning toilet seats several times in this spot, I’ve probably insured that the toilet seat ads remain at the head of this page for some time to come…)

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