Writing Diary: July 9, 2004

I got in a good chunk of time on Excalibur Reforged yesterday, adding another Wally scene and rewriting part of an existing scene.

I also had to clean up Chapter 1; it suddenly occurred to me yesterday, in one of those “D’oh!” moments, that the first time I wrote about Wally in the first draft of Chapter 1, he had a broken arm, due to get out of its cast the next day. I did that originally to have a reason for him to miss school after he hooks up with Ariane, but I realized that he could just skip school, and so I forgot about the broken arm and never mentioned it again.

Fortunately, I realized yesterday that I had never removed the broken arm reference from the first chapter, so I went back and made sure it was gone and the excuse note he needed signed by the vice-principal (which is how he ended up crossing paths with Ariane) was for something else.

I didn’t get much actual writing done on the Orson Scott Card biography, but I did quite a bit of reading of interviews with him to see where the information I need for the next chapter lurks.

I also did SF Canada membership cards and receipts and got those mailed out.

I’d expected to get final approval this week on the genetics book I put in the proposal for, but I didn’t hear anything…*sigh*.

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