Writing Diary: August 17, 2004

A pretty good day today. The column took longer to edit down than usual, for some reason–too much good information I didn’t want to lose, I guess. I also got in a good hour on Death Tide, this time working at Starbucks, since I wanted to go down to that end of town anyway to buy gas and wash off the bugs that we collected during the Calgary trip. Science Centre stuff…well, I thought about it. I don’t have as good a handle on it yet as I’d like; my first attempt was a false start.

Tomorrow is Radio Dell’Arte day–we’re going to talk about SF and play the Arrogant Worms, which should be a blast. I’ll try to do some more Death Tide and take a good solid whack at the Science Centre stuff, too.

The Orson Scott Card bio is on hold while I await his reply to my last (and extremely long) set of questions.

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