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Animal intelligence and the hygiene hypothesis: this week’s top search terms

“Animal intelligence” continues to lead the pack of search terms bringing people to my main site, and you could lump that together with “animal emotions” for a truly commanding lead. Making a first appearance is a seasonal favorite, “flying reindeer.” Good old “spider goat” is still on the list, and other old favorites.

Here are the top 15, out of the last 4,000 visits to the site:

40 animal intelligence 1.0%
30 hygiene hypothesis 0.8%
25 physics of football 0.6%
25 flying reindeer 0.6%
20 telesurgery 0.5%
19 spider goat 0.5%
19 golf technology 0.5%
19 animal emotions 0.5%
16 time perception 0.4%
15 football physics 0.4%
13 chemistry of love 0.3%
11 wine glasses 0.3%
11 science of soccer 0.3%
11 rogue waves 0.3%
10 plant communication 0.3%

I keep thinking I should write books to capitalize on the obvious interest in these topics. I’d want to combine two or three topics per book, though, because it results in much more interesting prospective titles as I’m sure you’ll agree:

Animal Intelligence and the Hygiene Hypothesis: Is Cleanliness All that Separates Us from the Animals?

Flying Reindeer, Flying Pigskins: What Rudolph Can Teach the Redskins

Spider Goat Telesurgery: Genetic Modification at a Distance (Long-Distance Charges May Apply)

Golf Technology vs. Animal Emotions, or, Why Are Those Expensive Golf Clubs at the Bottom of the Water Hazard?

Football Physics and Time Perception: How to Make the Most of Your Last Two Minutes

Wine Glasses and the Chemistry of Love: How the Shape of Your Glass Shapes Your Love Life

Rogue Waves and the Science of Soccer: Why the Popularity of “The Wave” May Lead to a Stadium Tragedy

Plant Communication: I Talk to the Trees, But They Never Listen to Me.*

*Geeky musical theatre reference.

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