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"Animal intelligence" leads the search-term pack

A new leader in search terms bringing people to my main website this week: “animal intelligence” takes the top spot.

Physics of football still ranks high, though, and if you throw in “soccer science” and “science of soccer,” it takes first place.

On the other hand, there’s also “animal emotions” on the list, so it’s pretty close anyway you look at it.

And, yes, our old friend “spider goat” is still right up there.

This week’s top search terms:

36 animal intelligence 0.9%
30 physics of football 0.8%
24 time perception 0.6%
19 spider goat 0.5%
19 hygiene hypothesis 0.5%
17 battle suit 0.4%
16 golf technology 0.4%
15 kinds of microscopes 0.4%
15 choosing a mate 0.4%
14 plant communication 0.4%
14 animal emotions 0.4%
13 soccer science 0.3%
13 rogue waves 0.3%
13 future energy sources 0.3%
12 science of soccer 0.3%
12 chemistry of love 0.3%

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