I perceive it’s time for a new list of search terms…

…bringing people to my main website, a.k.a. Edward Willett’s Intergalactic Library.

Good old “spider goats” are still on there, but the last batch of results shows that “time perception” has a commanding lead, with “physics of football” second.

New to the list is one I don’t think I’ve seen before: “corpse-flower grower”.

Here are the top 15:

58 time perception 1.5%
30 physics of football 0.8%
27 spider goat 0.7%
27 animal intelligence 0.7%
18 corpse-flower grower 0.5%
17 hygiene hypothesis 0.4%
17 football physics 0.4%
16 golf technology 0.4%
15 wine glasses 0.4%
14 choosing a mate 0.4%
13 how to make french fries 0.3%
11 soccer science 0.3%
11 battle suit 0.3%
10 science of soccer 0.3%
10 riedel

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