The first (non-science column) sentence I wrote today…

On April 4, Janis performed in a reunion concert with Big Brother.

3,792 words on the Janis Joplin bio today, and the end is in sight; I should be polishing it up tomorrow and submitting it Wednesday at the latest.

I probably would have finished it today, except, of course, this was a science column day. (It will appear here tomorrow.)

Thursday I’m off to Saskatoon as the speaker for the Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan annual meeting dinner that night, talking about A Safe and Prosperous Future: 100 years of engineering and geoscience achievements in Saskatchewan. I’ve got less than half an hour, and I figure if I say the title every few sentences, I can whittle that down to about 15 minutes.

Anyway, on the bus ride up and back and during down time, I anticipate plunging into the revision of the great Untitled Science Fiction Novel. (I suggested to Sheila Gilbert at DAW that we keep that as the title, since it worked fine for the contract; alas, she says they have too many other books with exactly the same title at this point, so I really must try to come up with something…)

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