The first sentence I wrote today…

As she waited with Richard for the airlock to cycle and let them through into the Sanctification, Emily slipped her laser pistol from its holster.

Current word count: 88,013
New words this session: 3,280
Percentage of novel completed: 88.0

Another very SFfish sentence to start with today, what with a cycling airlock and a laser pistol, to boot.

Changed directions in mid-scene today and had to go back and add a couple of paragraphs to a previous (my typo-prone blogging fingers originally wrote “precious,” but fortunately, it wasn’t) scene to set up what I wanted to do. So again, I actually wrote more words than this, but I dumped a bunch of them.

Good progress, anyway!

Oh, and a new milestone: the properly formatted version of the book in Word now runs over 400 manuscript pages. I think that’s a personal length record.

Not that longer is necessarily better, even though about half the spam I receive would have you think otherwise.

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