My apologies for the light blogging…

…I’ve been struggling with computer problems that culminated today in my taking my desktop machine to the shop. Then I spent several more hours getting my laptop (on which I’m writing this) set up as my temporary desktop machine.

By way of making amends, I offer several photos taken while I was strolling around the Cathedral district of Regina Friday taking pictures for my upcoming book Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw (Red Deer Press).

That’s Holy Rosary Cathedral, of course, built in 1913. It was designed by Joseph Fortin, who also designed the cathedrals in Saskatoon and Gravelbourg.

I was supposed to be photographing buildings, and mostly I did, but I took pictures of a few other things on a fine, frosty morning, too, like this tree.

I was in Wilf Perrault country, of course, although in his signature paintings of Regina back alleys he always removes the dumpsters. I suppose I could have digitally removed them, but…no.

Finally, these houses all in a row, part of the distinctive 13th Avenue streetscape, were built in 1912 on a speculative basis for the Flood Land Co.

When all the photographing is done, I’ll have hundreds of photos of Regina buildings, not all of which will make it into the book. At the very least, it’ll make a heck of a Flickr set!

Speaking of which, more photos here.

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