Something like this, I did use in my new novel

A staple of underwater adventure movies since at least the original Thunderball is now available for anyone who wants one…and can even be used in a pool. The Seadoo Sea Scooter Dolphin has handles and a propeller: you just hold on, and it pulls you through the water. It’s designed for use by anyone, in the ocean, lake or pool.

According to New Launches:

It won’t drown me either, if I release its soft start trigger it will automatically cut off and will float to the surface. The buoyancy chamber allows me to set it to my weight and to regulate the depth. Touching speeds of up to 3mph at a depth of up to 100ft, it is quite easy to maneuver the scooter. Charging it overnight will give me two hours of uninterrupted diving pleasure.

There are higher-end, more powerful Sea Scooters for professional divers, too, of course, and there’s a smaller, less-powerful one intended only for pool use, specifically by kids.

In my new novel, which I’m more and more thinking will probably be called Marseguro (thought I’m still awaiting editorial reaction) my genetically modified water-breathing humans use “sputa” (Self-Propelled Underwater Towing Apparatus) as their basic form of transportation. Picture something like this, only bigger, with unlimited range and a lot of built-in sensor/navigation/computing power.

(Via SCI FI Tech.)

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