Another review of Lost in Translation…

…though not technically a “new” review, since it’s a review of the hardcover edition. Nevertheless, I missed it until now. It’s by Don D’Ammassa:

The only previous work I’ve read by this author was some young adult fantasy, so I was curious about this science fiction novel for more mature audiences. Humanity and an alien race are on the verge of a terrible interstellar war, and envois with empathic powers have been sent by both sides to try to find a way out. Although hostilities are averted, largely because two empaths cooperate and deceive both sides, the pause seems doomed to be temporary because more bellicose voices are gathering strength on both sides. The story is a little rough around the edges sometimes but the relationship between the two main characters is interesting and well worked out. Good enough to prove Willett can write for a more sophisticated readership than he has in the past.

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