Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management…

…is one of many interesting things I’ve found in my mother-in-law’s house, now my house. This 1915 housewives’ hanbook, which belonged to my wife’s grandmother, is (as you can see from the title page) “A Guide to Cookery in All Branches,” plus “Daily Duties, Mistress & Servant, Hostess & Guest, Marketing, Trussing & Carving, Menu Making, Home Doctor, Sick Nursing, The Nursery” and (my favorite) “Home Lawyer.”

It also has some old ads and other pictures in it. I’m going to post one or two a day over the next little while, just…well, just because I can!

Here’s the first, an old ad for H.P. Sauce: “The experience is in the bottle.”*

*Actually, as I learned in writing my book about Jimi Hendrix, The Experience was quite often on the bottle…among other things.

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